There are two major index to Centac cooler.one is CTD(CTD is the difference of temperature between the cold water going into the cooler and the air discharging from the cooler),and other is the pressure dorp.our coolers can work in following performance.

  CTD:3°C--8°C(5°F--15°F). It is much better than the OEM 14 ° C(25°F ),pressure drop passage in cooler:less than 0.2 PSI.


  OTHER advantage

  • Lead free---same assembly size with OEM.
  • More tubes—less air-side pressure drop saves horsepower and energy as well as decreases fouling .
  • Pure tin-coated copper fins---long life.
  • Much competitively priced---the cheapest cooler that you should not lose.
  • Thick,solid stainless steel end plate ---durability and long life.

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